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A ball is rolled along a track that turns into a vertical loop. If the radius of the loop is cm, what is the minimum speed in m/s the ball must have at the top of the loop to maintain contact with the loop?

A boy swings a kg stone in a horizontal circle with a radius of m. The string breaks under N of tension. What is the maximum speed (in m/s) the stone can have?

A car traveling along a level curve with a radius of curvature of m hits a patch of ice where the coefficient of friction is . Above what speed (in m/s) will the car skid?

A mass on the end of a m string moves at revolutions per second. What is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration in m/s/s?

Determine the minimum angle at which a curve should be banked so that a car traveling at m/s can safely negotiate the curve if the radius of the curve is m.

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