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A wind with a velocity of km/h blows [E ºN]. What is the north component of the velocity (in km/h)?

What is the east component of velocity (in km/h) of the wind in the previous question?

A sailboat travels km [W ºS]. What is the west component (in km) of the displacement of the sailboat from its starting point?

What is the south component (in km) of the displacement of the sailboat in the previous question from its starting point?

A cat is running through a yard at an angle of º from a fence. A dog is running along the outside of the fence trying to keep as close to the cat as it can. If the dog's speed is m/s, what is the cat's speed (in m/s)?

A force of N at an angle of º from the horizontal is used to push on the handle of a lawnmower. What is the horizontal component of the force (in N)?

A horizontal force of N is required to overcome friction acting on a wagon. If the wagon is pulled by a handle that is at an angle of º from the vertical, what force (in N) must be applied to the handle to overcome friction?

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