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A ball is released from rest inside a circular loop from a height of m, the radius of the loop. What is the centripetal acceleration (in m/s/s) of the ball at the bottom of the loop?


A hoop rolls down a plane inclined at an angle of º to the horizontal from an initial height of m. With what speed (in m/s) is it moving when it reaches the bottom of the incline?

Water flows over a set of falls at the rate of x 106 kg/s. If the water falls m, what is the power (in MW) dissipated by the falling water?

A car accelerates from zero to MPH in s. How long (in s) does it take for the car to accelerate from zero to MPH assuming it dissipates the same amount of power?

A g lead bullet traveling at m/s embeds in a wooden post. If half the heat energy generated during the collision remains in the bullet, what is the increase in temperature of the bullet? (specific heat of lead = .0305 kcal/kg-ºC; 1 kcal = 4186 J)

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