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What is the equivalent capacitance (in F) between points A and B as shown if x is F, y is F, and z is µF?

How much charge (in C) can be stored by a parallel-plate capacitor with a plate area of square meters having air (8.85 X 10^-12 C^2/(Nm^2) between the plates where the magnitude of the electric field is MN/C?

A wire with a resistance of ohm connected across a V source carries current for minutes. How much charge (in C) passes through the wire?

An appliance draws amps of current when connected to 120 V. What is the cost (in $) of operating it for hours at $ per kWh?

An appliance delivers J of energy when its capacitors discharge. If the device has a capacitance of mF, how much charge (in C) is delivered?

A resistance thermometer has a resistaqnce of 40 ohm at a temperature of ºC. At what temperature (in ºC) will it have a resistance of ohm (linear coefficient of expansion = .00392 /ºC).

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