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Box A with a mass of kg and box B with a mass of kg are attached by a light string slung over a pulley. Box A slides along a smooth horizontal surface as box B falls. When released, box B falls cm to the floor. Ignoring frictional effects, what is the maximum kinetic energy of box A before box B hits the floor?

A hiker travels m/s up a slope inclined at º above the horizontal. The slope is m long. How much power (in W) does the hiker expend to get up the slope if he and his equipment have a mass of 100.0 kg?

A kg sled slides across the ice and a kg package is dropped vertically down onto the sled. What is the ratio, KEf/KEi, of the kinetic energy of the sled and package to the kinetic energy of the sled before the package was dropped?

A forklift is used to raise a kg load from the floor to a height of m. If the forklift expends W of power, how many seconds does it take to lift the load?

A block is released from rest at a vertical height of cm on a plane inclined at an angle of º from the horizontal and slides down the plane, reaching a speed of m/s at the bottom. What is the coefficient of friction between the block and the plane?

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