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Fundamental Operations

Units and Conversions
Vector Components

Vector Addition and Displacement

Graphs and Variables

trigonometry review

Line and Measures Quiz

Vector Components Quiz

Vector Quiz 1

Vector Quiz 2

Vector Quiz 3

Vector Quiz 4

Proportions Quiz 1

Proportions Quiz 2


Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
Motion Graphs
Relative Motion, Boats, Swimmers, Airplanes, and more
Free Fall
Projectile Motion

Motion Graphs Quiz

Straight Line Motion Quiz

Falling Motion Quiz

Kinematics Quiz 2

Kinematics Quiz 3

Projectile Motion Quiz 2


Free Body Diagrams
Laws of Motion and Net Force Problems
Friction, Coefficient of Friction, Weight, and Elevator Problems

Simple Equilibrium
Slope Problems
Pulley Problems (Atwood Machine)
Circular Motion and Banked Curves

Net Force Quiz

Planar Force Quiz

Dynamics Quiz

Dynamics Quiz 2

Dynamics Quiz 3

Circular Motion Quiz


Gravitational Field and Universal Law of Gravity

Kepler and Newton Quiz

Gravitational Field Quiz

Work, Energy, Power

Work and Power

Work and Kinetic Energy
Work and Gravitational Potential Energy
Hooke's Law, Work and Elastic Potential Energy
Conservation of Energy

Conservation of Energy Quiz 1

Conservation of Energy Quiz 2

Conservation of Energy Quiz 3

Conservation of Energy Quiz 4

Energy Quiz

Impulse and Momentum

Head On Collisions, Straight-Line Explosions
Collisions and Explosions with Angles

Momentum Quiz

Rotational Motion

Rotational Kinematics (angular speed, angular acceleration), Torque (and frictional torque) , Equilibrium, Energy

Rotational Motion Quiz


Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion, Doppler Effect
Sound and Hearing
Light and Vision



Thermodynamics Quiz


Fluids and Flow

Fluids Quiz

Electricity and Magnetism

Electric Charge and Electric Field

Electric Potential Energy and Voltage
Electric Circuits
LRC Circuits
Magnetic Fields and Forces

Electromagnetic Induction and Transformers

Electric Field Quiz

Electricity Quiz

Particles and Radiation

Nuclear Physics and Radiation


Modern Physics

Quantum Physics



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