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A m ladder leans against a wall, making an angle of º with the wall. What is the height above the ground where the ladder makes contact with the wall?

The x and y components of a displacement vector are m and m respectively. What angle does the vector make with the x axis?

A sailboat travels km [E ºS] from harbour. How far east (in km) has the boat travelled?

How far (in km) south has the boat in question 3 travelled?

A car travelling m/s [E] executed a sharp turn. After 12.00 s it was travelling m/s [N]. What was its change in speed (in m/s)?

What was the magnitude of the change in velocity (in m/s) for the car in question 5?

If the tangent of an angle is what is the sine of the angle?

If the hypotenuse of a right triangle is m and one angle is º, what is the sum of the other two sides (in m)?

An airplane flies km [E] then km [S]. What is the magnitude (in km) of the airplane's net displacement?

How many degrees east of south is the resulting position of the plane in question 9?

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