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A m ladder leans against a wall at an angle of º to the wall. What distance (in m) from the wall is the base of the ladder?

A pole is held vertically by attaching wires at a height of m above the ground. The other end of each wire is anchored in the ground at a distance of m from the base of the pole. The pole makes a right angle with the ground. What is the length (in m) of each wire?

A football player carries the ball for a distance of m [E ºN]. What is the northward component (in m) of the player's displacement?

What is the player's eastward displacement (in m) in the previous question?

A hiker walked walked km [E] and km [N]. What distance (in km) did the hiker walk?

What was the magnitude (in km) of the hiker's displacement in the previous question?

A hiker walked walked km [E] and km [N]. How many degrees east of north is the hiker's new position from his starting point?

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