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Famous Filipino Physicists

Famous Filipino physicists have not received the same amount of recognition as their North American or European counterparts.  We hope the following provides some balance to this perspective.   Some of the individuals listed below were trained in or worked in the United States. Although not all the following were strictly physicists, their contributions are in areas closely related to physics and are included in this list of famous Filipino physicists.

Alcaraz, Arturo: was a leading member of a team that used steam produced from the heat of a volcano to produce electric power in 1967.

Banatao, Diosdado: introduced or developed accelerator chips that improved computer performance, helped make the internet possible by contributing to the development of the Ethernet controller chip, created the local bus concept for personal computers.

Campos, Paulo: wrote many papers in the field of nuclear medicine and was instrumental in building the first radioisotope lab in the Philippines.

Comiso, Josefino:  the first person to discover a recurring area of open water in sea ice in the Cosmonaut Sea.  Comiso was studying global warming at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Maramba, Felix: developed a profitable biogas system, building a power generator fuelled by coconut oil.

Zara, Gregorio:  discovered around 1930 the law of electrical kinetic resistance (“Zara Effect”).  In 1955 he patented a two-way videophone. In the 1950’s and 1960’s he developed or improved alternate energy technologies.

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