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Physics Tutorial

Physics Tutorial is ready when you are. Physics tutorial introduces physics to beginning physics students. Find explanations of physics concepts, laws, and principles.

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Ohm's Law and Heaters

Parallel Circuits and Hazard Lights

Series Circuits and Christmas Lights

Conductance and Parallel Circuits


Archimedes Principle and Battery Indicators


Pascal's Principle and Hydraulic Lifts

Magnetism and Induction

Domain Theory and Torque Sensors

Electromagnetism and MRI

Fuel Injectors and Solenoids

Inductance and Transformers

Magnetic Field and Left Hand Rule

Magnetic Flux and Therapy

Electrophoresis and eBooks

Motion and Force


Banked Curves

Center of Mass vs Center of Gravity

Centripetal Force and Boarders

Elastic Force and Bungee Jumping

Hooke's Law and Rubber Bands

How We Know the Mass of a Planet

Free Body Diagram Illustrates Newton's First Law

Friction Force Determines a Car's Acceleration

Gravity and Satellites

Ice Hockey and Newton's Third Law

Inertia and Seat Belts

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Newton's First Law and Spilled Coffee

Newton's Third Law and Flight

Projectile Motion and Newton's First Law

Projectile: Trajectory of a Cannonball

Frictional Torque and Real Pulleys

Why Doesn't the Moon Fall?

Particles and Radiation

Laser Holography

MRI for Beginners

X-Rays and Photons

Physics and Education

5 Ways to Nurture Curiousity

Social Responsibility in Teaching Physics

Physics and Society

Famous Filipino Physicists

Health Physics, Medical Physics, and Nuclear Physics

GPS (Ground Positioning System)

Laser Measurer

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Concepts in Classic and Modern Physics

Birth of Modern Science

Compton Effect and the e-Bomb

Special Theory of Relativity

Photoelectric Effect

Quantum Physics and Billiards


Boyle's Law Breathes Life into Lungs

Ideal Gas Law and Tire Pressure

Internal Combustion Engine and Turbochargers

Newton's Law of Cooling and Coffee

Second Law of Thermodynamics and your Fridge

Thermodynamics Laws in Weather

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Thermal Equilibrium


Doppler Effect

Harmonics on a Guitar String

Lenses: Contact Lenses

Refraction and Optic Fiber

Refraction Analogy

Sound and the Universal Wave Equation

Why Stars Flicker

Ultrasound Physics

Work and Energy

Kinetic Energy of Roller Coaster Rides

Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, and Pole Vault

Spring Potential Energy and Mountain Bikes


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