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Laser Measurer

"Laser measurer" usually refers to a range finder that uses a laser beam to determine the distance to an object.


Laser measurers are preferred by amateurs and professionals as they are a point-and-shoot technology with an easy LCD read-out. They are faster, safer and easier to use than a tape measure. With accuracies in the range of one-quarter inch per hundred feet they are more accurate than sonic counterparts. Integrated calculators provide fast area and volume calculations. Integrated Bluetooth technology allows readings to be transferred directly to spreadsheet, word processing, or drafting software. Prices range from under $100 to over $600.

How a Laser Measurer Works

A laser measurer aims a Class II visible laser spot onto a target and measures the time taken by the pulse to be reflected. For sub-millimeter measurements, triangulation and other techniques are used.


Laser measurers save time when multiple measurements are required, and provide safety for difficult measurements including stairwells or elevator shafts. They are an instrument of choice for appraisers, carpenters, plumbers, floor and tile layers, painters, engineers and engineering technicians, and foresters.


Leaves or branches may interfere with sighting and give erroneous results. Temperature gradients in the air

cause refraction over long distances or near hot or cold objects. Refraction may make the laser signal hard to find or result in an over-estimate of the distance. A reflective target may need to be placed on non-reflective objects or coatings.

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