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Magnetic Flux and Therapy

Definition:  Magnetic flux is the product of the magnetic field, the area it penetrates and the sine of the angle between the magnetic field and the area.

Explanation:  This means that the flux is the strength of a magnetic field in a given area. Flux is found with the formula Ø=BA sinx. Flux is represented by the symbol Ø and is measured in Weber’s (Wb). The magnetic field (B) is measured in Tesla (T) and the area (A) is measured in m2. The letter x is used to represent the angle between B and A. The stronger the field or the larger the area subjected to the field, the greater the magnetic flux.


These ideas benefit us every day.

Applying magnetic flux to sore, inflamed areas of the body may help in the healing process. When a magnetic field is applied it interferes with pain signals making the pain not seem as bad. The more flux through certain areas of the body, the more relief that can be obtained. Magnets also increase blood flow. This allows the blood to carry more oxygen and nutrients, but also remove more waste products. Magnetic fields are also capable of attracting calcium ions to heal broken bones. Magnets can be purchased in jewelry form and as filled pads. They can be placed on several parts of the body which include wrists, ankles, forehead, hips, feet, etc. This therapy is commonly used on people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and stress headaches, asthma, muscle spasms,toothaches, strains, joint pain, fractures, and swelling.


If a magnetic was applied to the body, at what angle would the magnetic flux have its greatest effect?

Answer: The magnetic flux would have it greatest effect at 90°. The sin of 90° is equal to one and anything less than 90° is less than one. When multiplying a number by anything less than one the value gets smaller.

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