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Conservaton of Energy


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1. A bullet of mass kg is shot into a wooden block of mass 0.150 kg. They rise to a final height of 0.600 m as shown. What was the initial speed (in m/s) of the bullet before it hit the block?

A block on a string forms a pendulum

2. A 6.0 kg ball is attached to a vertical unstretched spring with k = N/m and then released. What distance does the ball fall just as it momentarily comes to rest?

3. A horizontal spring has a spring constant k = N/m. A 0.5 kg block is pressed against the spring, compressing it 30.0 cm from its equilibrium position.

A block rests against a horizontal spring before being released up a ramp.

The block is then released and slides up a frictionless plane inclined º. If the block is not attached to the spring, how far (in m) along the incline will it travel before it stops? (Give the distance along the incline - not the height above the ground.)

4. A sled slides down an icy slope starting at m/s. At the bottom of the slope its speed is 12.5 m/s. What is the minimum height (in m) of the slope?

5. A stone is thrown vertically downward from a cliff with a speed of m/s. It has 600 J of kinetic energy just before it hits the ground. If the rock had been thrown horizontally instead of vertically, how much kinetic energy would it have just before it hits the ground?

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