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Conservation of Energy Quiz 2


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1. A 2.00 kg block slides down a ramp from a height of m. The block has a speed of 3.00 m/s when it reaches the bottom. There is friction. What is the work (in J) done by gravity?

A block slides down a ramp.

2. In the previous question, what is the work (in J) done by friction?

3. A kg object is suspended from a spring with k = 20.0 N/m. The mass is pulled 0.500 m downward from its equilibrium position and allowed to oscillate. What is the maximum kinentic energy of the object in J?

4. A wrecking ball pendulum of length 8.00 m is released from rest at an angle of º from the vertical. What is the maximum speed of the pendulum?

5. A spring compressed by 7.00 cm is used to propel a g pellet vertically upward to a maximum height of 8.00 m. What is the spring constant in N/m)?

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