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Conservaton of Energy Quiz 3


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1. A 0.150 kg ball is thrown at 20.0 m/s at an angle of º above the horizontal. What is the kinetic energy (in J) of the ball at the highest point of the trajectory?

2. A pendulum is made with a 0.250 kg bob and a 0.800 m light string. The pendulum is displaced through an angle of º then released. Eventually the maximum angle of swing is only 10.0º. How much energy (in J) has been lost to friction?

3. A kg block on a horizontal surface slides into a horizontal spring with a speed of 3.22 m/s. The spring compresses 0.140 m before coming to rest. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the surface is 0.520, what is the force constant of the spring (in N/m)?

4. A 7.90 kg block rests over a hole in a table. A g bullet is shot straight up into the block. The bullet and block rise 0.620 m above the table. What speed (in m/s) did the bullet have just before hitting the block?

5. Mass 1 slides down a sruface before colliding with mass 2.

Mass 1 (0.50 kg) slides down a frictionless surface starting from rest at a height of m. It collides with mass 2 (1.50 kg) and they stick and move off together. What is the speed (in m/s) of the combined mass immediately after collision?

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