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Ramps, Strings, and Friction Quiz


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1. A crate slides down a ramp with an acceleration of m/s/s when the ramp makes an angle of º to the horizontal. At what angle would the crate slide with constant velocity?

2. Two carts on a frictionless surface are being pulled by a N force 30º above the horizontal as shown. Cart A is kg, and cart B is kg. What is the tension (in N) in the string connecting the carts?

Two blocks are connected by a string and pulled by a force at an angle to the horizon.

3. A block has a coefficient of friction of with a ramp that is inclined º above the horizontal. What is its acceleration (in m/s/s) along the ramp?

4. What is the acceleration of block A (in m/s/s), neglecting friction? Block A is kg, and block B is kg.

Block B hangs by a string from a table. The other end of the string pulls block A along the table surface.

5. If the acceleration of block A in question 4 is m/s/s what is the coefficient of friction?

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