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Forces in Two Dimensions, and Friction


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1. A bullet with a mass of g strikes a fixed block at a speed of m/s. The bullet stops after penetrating cm into the block. What is the magnitude (in N) of the average net force acting on the bullet?

2. A wagon with a mass of kg is accelerating at 1.5 m/s2. The wagon is being pulled by its handle which makes an angle of º to the ground, and there is a frictional force of N. What is the force acting on the handle?

3. Two forces, N and N, º apart are acting on a 5.00 kg object. What is the magnitude (in m/s2) of the object's acceleration?

4. How many degrees from the larger force is the acceleration of the object in the previous question?

5. A sled is placed on an icy hill sloped at º to the horizontal. What is the sled's acceleration (in m/s2) if friction is negligible?

6. A skier starting from rest descends a º slope. If the coefficient of friction is , what is the skier's speed (in m/s) after seconds?

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