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Electric Field Quiz 1


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1. Two objects 15m apart both have the same charge. If the force on one of them is N what is the charge (in µC ) on the object?

2. The electric field intensity m away from a charged sphere is 6.54 N/C. What charge (in µC) has been added to the sphere?

3. How much work (in J) is required to move 1.60 mC of charge from a distance of m to a distance 1.30 m from a charge of 3.21 µC?

4. Three charges are fixed as shown, with Q1 = - µC, Q2 = 2.99 µC, and Q3 = 1.59 µC. How many degrees below the x axis is the force on a proton located at point P?

Charge 1 and charge 2 are to the left of a point. Charge 3 is above the point.

5. An electron (q = 1.6 x 10-19C; m =9.11 x 10-31 kg) accelerates from rest through a potential difference of V. What is the electron's final speed (in m/s)?

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