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Momentum Quiz 1


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1. Lee has a mass of 40.0 kg and ice skates with a speed of m/s. She collides into Mat 80.0 kg) who is standing still on the ice. They move off together. What is their final speed in m/s?

2. A 15.0-kg gun at rest contains a 3.00 g bullet. When fired, the bullet leaves the gun with a forward velocity of m/s. What is the recoil velocity of the gun in m/s?

3. A -kg boy running at 7.00 m/s jumps onto a stationary cart. They move off together at 3.50 m/s. What is the mass of the cart in kg?

4. A kg football player running 3.75 m/s in the positive direction tackles a 91.3 kg opponent running toward him at 10.0 m/s and holds on. What is their velocity in m/s just after the collision?

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