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Net Force


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1. A -N net force is applied for 6.00 s to a 12.0-kg box initially at rest. What is the speed of the box at the end of the interval?

2. A 70.0 kg astronaut far pushes away from a kg asteroid. Both are free of interfering gravitational fields. If the astronaut accelerates at -3.00 m/s/s what is the acceleration of the asteroid?

3. A sled is pulled by a rope at constant velocity across a horizontal surface. If a force of 80.0 N is being applied to the sled rope at an angle of º to the ground, what is the magnitude (in N) of the force of friction?

4. A 7.00 g bullet traveling 300.0 m/s penetrates cm into a wall before stopping. What is the average force (in N) of the wall on the bullet?

5. An airplane with a mass of 12.0 t starts to take off. It pulls a glider with a mass of 6.00 t. If the airplane's propellers provide a net force of N, what is the glider's acceleration in m/s/s?

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