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Thermodynamics Quiz


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1. A g piece of metal (specific heat of 0.104 cal/g-ºC) is warmed so that its temperatre increases by 5.80ºC. How much heat (in calories) was transferred into it?

2. A window pane 0.318 cm thick has an area of 1.80 square meters. The temperature difference between the inside and outside surfaces of the window is ºC . What is the rate of heat flow through this window in J/s if the thermal conductivity for glass is 0.8 J/(s-m-ºC)?

3. How many kilowatt hours of energy are required to raise the temperature of 30000 gal of water by ºC? One gal of water has a mass of about 3.8 kg and the specific heat of water is 4186 J/kg-ºC

4. How many kg of ice need to be added to kg of water at 22.0ºC to cool the water to 10.0ºC? (Lf = 80 kcal/kg)

5. An engine exhausts J of heat while performing 1228 J of useful work. What is the per cent efficiency of the engine?

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