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Study Skills

Check List

Here are powerful methods for improving your grades. Are you using all of them?


    *Try to work through problems. Keep a list of the problems you had difficulty completing, and any questions that may have arisen when you were doing the assignment. Make a list of questions that may have arisen while you were in class or while doing your homework for school. By doing this you will know exactly what to ask your teacher, prof, or physics tutor.

    * Try to sit with students who understand the class.

    * Get to know your instructor and visit them during office hours. They are still your best source of information for your classes.

    * Be an active student in class. Ask questions; participate in class, etc. Many questions can be asked right there and then to the instructor.

    * Read your syllabus. Understand what's expected of you in each class, make sure you write down and remember deadlines and other special dates.

    * Form and maintain a study group.

Do Seek a physics tutor

    * Before you run into difficulties.
    *When you need help understanding the homework.
    * When you need help understanding ideas.
    * When you are falling behind.
    * When you are feeling frustrated.
    * When you feel like giving up.


    * Don't wait until the day before or day of a quiz or test to get help. Help may not be available. Learning takes time, effort and planning. A tutor's help isn't enough to learn in one evening what should have taken a month of methodic work. Physics tutors will complement your work, provide you hints, suggestions etc. but will not replace hard work and good study skills.

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