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Study Skills

Learn More in Less Time

There are things you can do to learn faster either on your own, or with others.

One of the most powerful methods for making the most of your time is to make the most of others' time and talent. Form or participate in a study group as soon as you can. You are all in it together - why not make the most of it?  Teaching someone else is the best way to learn; learning from others can save hours of time.

Here are some ideas.

  1. Trade names and phone numbers/email addresses with at least two others in your class. If you miss a class, ask your study partners, not the prof.
  2. Develop good study habits by spending time with or sitting beside the high achievers in the class.
  3. The main focus of a study group should be problem solving and explaining or reviewing class notes. If the group is too social or one person dominates the group, disband and form another group.
  4. Share a physics tutor. Sometimes a problem or concept will stump the whole group. Make the best use of your money by sharing a physics tutor.
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