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Study Skills

Your Teacher or Prof Owes it to You

Getting along with your prof is an effective study skill that is certain to help you get the best possible grade.

You're paying for the course and putting in the time. You have the right to get as much from the teacher/prof as you can. Here is how to get the most from your prof.

1. Shop for the best teacher/prof. Find out from your student union or from other students who the best ones are.

2. Get to know your teacher/prof. If the prof/teacher makes their office hours known, visit them before taking the class and several times during the class. Get to know them. If the teacher/prof does not welcome office visits, don't bother them; get a different teacher/prof if possible. Find a physics tutor if you need one.

3. Important information and hints are usually given out on the first and last class, and during the first and last 10 minutes of each class. So be punctual, stay to the end, show up for every session.

4. Ask questions during class. There are no bad questions; there are bad teacher/profs. If the teacher /prof does not welcome questions during class, find a better one. Most teacher/profs need feedback on how they are communicating or on their pace. If something is not clear they need to know. you are paying for the course, one way or another; it is your right to get as much from the teacher/prof as you can. 

5. Pay attention, look and act like a professional. Nobody respects a clown or a pest.

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